Tlayuda is a Mexican dish that is originating from, and particularly popular in Oaxaca. Tlayuda is a specialty of Oaxaca that is often referred to as a "Mexican style pizza", a "baked flatbread" which is topped with pork fat, thin-sliced roasted pork, crumbled or sliced chorizo , or Carne Machaca , but the topping that is most often used in almost every Tlayuda is a black bean purée. Likewise, while lettuce, beans, meat or cheese are particularly a common toppings used for Tlayuda, there are no strict rules on what constitutes a perfect topping. Street vendors and restaurants offering Tlayuda usually prepare their own versions according to their own taste, preferences and experiences, just like many pizzerias around the world. Top these "Mexican pizza" with whatever you like: cheese and chopped cabbage are the most common and simplest toppings, though you can use meat, onion, cilantro and so on. It is said that Tlayuda is not that well-known outside of Mexico, and in general the best quality offerings are to be sought in the Mexican quarters of American cities, Mexican and probably Latin American Restaurants or at those places where Latin Americans constitute a majority, as usual, and as always, the seekers of the true pleasures of traditional and specialty dishes, should enjoy the original flavor where the food has originated and in the case of Tlayuda in Oaxaca. Only then the seekers of the true flavor of Tlayuda can truly say about its truth.
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