Tsyplionok Tabaka refers to Georgia's dish made of whole chicken, flattened and brushed with different spices if desired, such as garlic and dill , then fried until the chicken turns into golden brown. It is served with spicy tomato sauce , fresh vegetable salad and other traditional garnishing Tsyplionok Tabaka also a famous Russian dish made of chicken. Other cooks brushed the chicken with spices before cooking, but some just brush the chicken with salt and pepper. Tsyplionok Tabaka is often served with fried potatoes, tomatoes and garlic sauce. To make Tsyplionok Tabaka: Prepare and clean and whole chicken, cut the stomach lenthgwise, unfold it and beat it until it is flat. Tuck in legs and press wings to the back. Season to taste from both sides, salt and pepper or other desired spices.. Heat the pan with melted butter, put the chicken on, cover and put the weight on. Cook on average heat for 15 minutes on both sides until the chicken is golden brown
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