Tanduay Ice is an alcoholic beverage brand from the Philippines, known for producing flavored alcoholic drinks. These ready-to-drink beverages are part of the broader category of pre-mixed cocktails and are popular for their convenience, variety of flavors, and relatively low alcohol content compared to hard liquors. Tanduay, the company behind Tanduay Ice, is one of the oldest and most established distilleries in the Philippines, traditionally known for its rum.


Tanduay Ice offers a range of flavored alcoholic drinks that are light and refreshing, making them appealing to a broad audience, including those who may not typically enjoy strong spirits. The flavors often include fruity and sweet options, designed to provide a pleasant drinking experience without the need for additional mixing or preparation. The drinks are typically carbonated, adding to their refreshing quality.

Application Areas

Tanduay Ice is primarily consumed as a casual, social beverage, often enjoyed in gatherings, parties, and informal celebrations. Its ready-to-drink format makes it a convenient choice for outdoor events, picnics, and beach outings. It is also popular in bars and restaurants, particularly in the Philippines, where it complements the country's warm climate and social culture.

Well-Known Examples

While Tanduay Ice itself refers to a specific brand and its line of products, it is part of a larger global trend of pre-mixed alcoholic beverages that include other brands and types, such as malt beverages, hard seltzers, and flavored beers. Each offers a unique take on providing consumers with convenient, enjoyable drinking options that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Treatment and Risks

As with any alcoholic beverage, moderation is key when consuming Tanduay Ice. Its sweet and refreshing taste can make it easy to overlook the alcohol content, leading to overconsumption if not careful. Consumers should be aware of their limits and drink responsibly to avoid the negative health and social consequences associated with excessive alcohol consumption.


Tanduay Ice represents the growing popularity of flavored alcoholic drinks that cater to a desire for convenient, ready-to-drink options that are both enjoyable and accessible. It highlights the adaptability of traditional distilleries like Tanduay in expanding their offerings to meet contemporary tastes and lifestyles, further enriching the diverse landscape of global alcoholic beverages.


Tanduay Ice is one of the alcoholic drink in the Philippines which is made from flavored-rum.

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