Tips & Hints: Beef Cuts and How to Cook Them :

Beef Cuts and How to Cook Them

Cooking Technique: Braiser

Meat Cuts:

1. Blade Roast

2. Chuck cross rib roast

3. Shank

Cooking Technique: On the grill/in the skillet

Meat Cuts:

1. Club steak

2. Deboned sirloin steak

3. Inside round steak

4. Rib steak

5. Rib-eye steak

6. Sirloin tip steak

7. Strip loin steak

8. T-Bone steak

9. Tenderloin steak

10.Top sirloin butt steak

11. Tournedos

Cooking Technique: In the Oven

Meat Cut:

1. Rib roast

Always note that the cut of a piece of meat dictates the technique on how it should be cooked. Some cuts are very tender and has to be cook for s short time, while others, like blade roast is cook for a long time. The list above are three (3) various cooking techniques of cooking beef depending on the cut.

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