Varutharacha  is a Malayalam culinary term which means roasted and ground coconut paste, sauce or gravy.  This gravy  is used in preparing various  curry dishes in Kerala, called Varutharacha Curry  which literally means  „in roasted and ground coconut curry“. Varutharacha Curry  is one of  the most popular foods from the Kerala cuisine which can  be made with egg, fish, chicken, beef, vegetables, etc.




Examples of Varutharacha Curry are : Varutharacha Mathi Curry (Sardines in roasted coconut gravy), Varutharacha Mathanga Curry (Pumpkin is simmered in an aromatic Roasted coconut sauce); Chemmeen Varutharacha Curry (Fish in roasted coconut gravy); Varutharacha Mutton curry; Varutharacha Mutta Curry (Eggs in a Roasted Coconut Sauce or Gravy)

Picture on this page  is Varutharacha Soy Beans and Kozhi (soy beans and chicken cooked or simmered in roasted and ground coconut paste, sauce or gravy.


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