Amanida Catalana refers to salad of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, olives, carrots, onions topped with slices cured sausage and dried sausages (cahrcuteria/embutits), ham, cheeses, eggs, tuna, anchovies, or whatever is preferred. It is either dressed by mayonnaise or an oil and vinegar dressing vinaigrette ) . Amanida Catalana is usually served as first course or starter. Generally, salads are served as a side dish to complement a dish, however, in Catalonia in Spain they are more of a feature meal than just a side dish and an Amanida Catalana also called Catalan Salad is a very substantial dish of a selection of meats and cheeses with a mixed salad, and often with at least two (2) varieties of olives. In Catalonia, usually, each resturant has their own "signature mixture/combination" and good quality oil which is often used for dressing the salad. In a way, this "mixture" becomes the basis of the restaurants reputation. Somehow, a mark of a good restaurant is a good Amanida Catalana. In Catalonia, a good Amanida Catalana must contain good quality ingredients and not just scraps of different salad ingredients and an olive oil with a good quality for its dressing

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