Anticucho refers to a spicy South American kebabs of grilled ox or beef hearts marinated and/or brushed with a chili sauce . For some people, acquired taste is needed to be able to enjoy this food. Anticucho is one of the street foods from Bolivia which include cattle’s heart and served with spicy corn sauce and potatoes. Anticucho is a Quechua word for a dish made from a mixture of beef heart, meat, chicken, etc. marinated and cooked on a skewer over live coals. "Uchu" from the word Anticucho is the Quechua word for "mixture". Quechua is an Amerindian language (language spoken by the indigenous people of the Americas) native to South America and is related to Aymará. It was the official language of the Tawantinsuyu (Inca Empire). Quechua can be heard throughout South America, starting as far north as southern Colombia and Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and northwestern Argentina and northern Chile.
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