Aval Nanachatu simply known as Aval refers to sweetened flattened or beaten rice called Aval in Malayalam and known as Poha in other Indian languages. The simple recipe is that Aval (Poha) is fried and roasted then cooked with Jaggery, then there is a version where Malar or popped rice and pieces of Kopra (dried meat of coconut) is also added to the mixture then cooked and sweetened with Jaggery. 

Aval Nanachatu is a Temple food and distrubuted among the people, so during temple Festival s there are so many specail Avala Nanachatu from the Temple

Aval is the Malayalam wor for flattened or beaten rice flakes. It is called Poha in othe Indian States. In the Philippines, it is popularly known as Pinipig. It is called Reisflocken in German. (Please see related article on Aval).

I prepares Sweetened Aval and it is really good. With just a bit amount of Jaggery, this can be a very healthy snacks or even breakfast with glass of fresh milk and slices of fresh fruits

Pictures below are all Aval Nanachatu distributed to the people in Allepey, Kerala, India from the Temple during one of the many Temple festivals in said the place, Malar and pieces of Coconut meat and its sweetness are clearly seen on the photos.  Looks so appetizing!!!

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