Aval is the Malayalam word for beaten or flattened rice or sweet snacks made from beaten rice and sweetened with jaggery. Also called Poha in other Indian languages.

Sweetend beaten or flattened rice flakes are also called Aval Nanachatu (please see related article on Aval Nanachatu)

Aval is called Pinipig in the Philippines and is one of the ingredients for the famous dessert/ cold snacks from the Philippines called Halo-Halo.

In Kerala, they are usually cooked with jaggery and is one of the traditional Prasadam or Prasad, thefood from the temples in Kerala, India which is being distributed to the people for consumption.

sweetened Aval which came from the Temple
Picture above is sweetened Aval which came from the Temple

Sweetened Aval wrapped in newspaper. This Aval also  came from a Temple during a Temple Festival in Allepey, Kerala, India. Malar or popped rice is added to the mixture. This food is called Aval Nanachathu

Aval sweetened with jaggery and eaten with slices of fresh apples
Aval sweetened with jaggery and eaten with slices of fresh apples

In Germany, beaten or flattened rice is called Reisflocken. Below are pictures of Reisflocken which I bought in a Bio Store in Germany. I bought this Reiflocken to try cooking my own version of Aval in Germany which I did, too while on vacation in the Philippines.



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