Baba Ghanousch also spelled Baba Ganoush refers to a tasty dip from the Middle Eastern which is made with baked/grilled/roasted Eggplants (Aubergines), garlic, lemon juice, Tahini (Sesame Paste) , onions and spices, such as Mint.

It can be served as an appetizer or a side dish and often with flat, unlevened bread. The new modern twist is my drizzling with very little balsamic vinegar on top with very good olive oil (Please see picture below , the Baba Ghanousch which I ordered in one of the small hotels in Vienna, Austria serving Middle Eastern dishes). It comes with few leaves of fresh Mint and slices of Cucumber with roasted Pine seeds in the middle and small drop of sweet Balsamic Vinegar. It was totally delicious and filling.

Baba Ghanousch is said to be originally a Lebanese food. Baba means "father" and Ghanousch means "pampered.

It can also be spelled Baba Ghanouj, Baba Ghannouj or Baba Gannosh

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