Bredle also known as a Bredele, Bredl, Brétala refer to little beloved sweet and deliciouns Christmas biscuits (confection) from Alsace, France which comes in variety of flavors, colors and shapes. Bredle contain delicious ingredients and spices, like Cinnamon, Aniseed, Ginger; oranges, and nuts - Hazelbuts, Walnuts, Almonds; Coconut, Chocolates and Praline, among many other flavors. sweet tooth and all gourmets.

In Alsace, Bredle making is a family tradition which is shared with friends and family. They become a symbol of Christmas, too and one may found them hanging on many Alsacian Christmas trees.

The most well-known Bredle which come in different varieties are:

1. Butterbredle - butter biscuits, sometimes with lemon icing

2. Anisbredle - round and perfumed Bredle with Aniseed

3. Schwowebredle - Bredle with almonds and a golden egg glaze

4. Spritzbredle - little shortbread biscuits with a hint of lemon

5. Lebkuchen, little tongues of spice bread with smooth icing

6. Leckerli - diamond-shaped Bredle with a taste of spiced bread

7. Springerle refers to a type of Aniseed bread, with a very characteristic taste which is the first Bredle to be made in Alsace among the many varieties existing in the present

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