Chunda which is also known as Chundo refers to the traditional pickle made in Gujarat, India. It is made from raw green mango, Jaggery or sugar and Chili powder, hence it is the mixture of raw mango's sourness, the sweetness of jaggery or sugar and the spiciness of chilli powder. Chunda is a kind of pickle which is commonly served with Theplas in Gujarat and best paired not only with Theplas, but also with Parathas. Chundas can be spicy and sweet. There are essenrtially two (2) kinds of spicy Chundas: (1) the Cumin seed flavored and (2) Asafoetida flavored. While sweet Chunda can be flavored with Saffron and Cardamom. Sweet Chunda may also be made with pieces of mixed dry fruits (Dry fruit Chunda). It can be made with different flavors, but the basic preparation of this pickle remains the same. It is a trime-consuming process of dissolving and thickening of the sugar through sun's heat until it reach its proper consistency and shredded mangoes are already translucent. Everyday, until after it reach its proper consistency, the mixture is stirred, covered and placed in a sunny spot then at dusk it must be brought indoors. Other faster ways can also be used to make the Chunda. Chundas can be home made, but are always available in bottles in the supermarkets or groceries under different brand names.

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