Dumboy refers to boiled and then pounded cassava, one of Liberia's staple foods and side dishes beside the Fufu or Foofoo Dumboy and Fufu (Foofoo) are both made from cassava and are usually served with palm butter. In Liberia, the two main staple foods are cassava and rice Cassava is cooked in so many ways - it can be boiled, grilled, baked, grated into a cereal, fried, pounded, and even eaten raw. Dumboy and fufu are the main diets of Liberians originating from eastern part of the country. As indicated by some locals of Grand Bassa County, the meal is also prepared from boiled and pounded cassava. However, this time the end result is not as thick as that of the GB. Dumboy is widely eaten with spicy or hot pepper soup; cooked with onions, fresh tomatoes, a little bit of tomato paste for coloring, dried and fresh fishes (including pike, bonnie), dried and/or fresh meat, etc. Those in higher economic brackets prefer goat soup with their dumboy. The dish is accompanied with boiled bitter balls and boiled okra . Dumboy is also swallowed. Palava and okra sauces are all delicious soups served with dumboy and fufu.
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