English: Anchovies / Deutsch: Sardellen / Español: Anchoas / Português: Anchovas / Français: Anchois / Italiano: Acciughe /

Dilis is the Filipino word for Anchovy/Anchovies. It is a small variety of fish about 15 centimeters long and found in the Mediterrean and Antarctic and North Sea.

Dilis is found in wet markets in the Philippines and made into several dishes, such as Pritong Dilis where is it cleaned, dip in flour and egg batter and fried. It is made into Paksiw wherein they are cooked in vinegar, garlic and ginger. It is also used to make Bagoong where they are salted and fermented and they are salted, dried and fried for breakfast good.

Dilis is Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) in English. In Malayalam, it is called Netholi or Kozhuva for Indian Anchovy. In South of India, particularly in Kerala, they are made into Kozhuva curry or Kozhuva Achaar

Dilis is called Anchovi or Sardelle in German; Anchois in French; Boqueron/ Anchoa in Spanish; and Acciuga, Alice and Sardone in Italian

Below is a picture of Fresh Dilis sold in the wet market in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines.

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