Dibbelabbes refers to one of Saarland's specialties. It is a potato soufflé/ Casserole (Auflauf) with bacon or dried meat (Dörrfleisch).It is also described as an oven-baked Casserole made from grated raw potatoes, bacon or pork belly.

Dibbelabbes is said to be once a poor man's food that is made from potatoes and dried meat. The original recipe is cooked from a mixture of these 2 ingredients in the cast-iron pot called Dibbe (hence its name) and then baked in an oven.

Dibbelabbes is a popular food during town celebrations and festivals in Saarland where it is cooked in a large frying pan and usually served with Apfelmus (apple sauce / apple puree).

Saarland is one of the Federal States of Germany located in the western part of the country near France.

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