Funchi refers to a traditional Aruban classic dish of cornmeal porridge served as a traditional accompaniment. Funchi is based on cornmeal and is commonly served as a side dishe or appetizers. Funchi or "Corn Meal Mush" is also one of the popular dishes of Curacao. Funchi was taken directly from African Cuisine and is still cooked in Curacao in the traditional manner. Funchi is much like polenta, in that cornmeal is poured and stirred into boiling water seasoned with butter and salt. It is stirred with a spoon-like utensil calle a Mealie or Funchi stick. It is most often left mushy and served in a mound, although sometimes it is allowed to stiffen and then shaped into dumplings, much like U.S. hushpuppies. Some fancy eateries will shape the Funchi into ramekins or other molds.
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