- Jeot (Jeotgal) : Jeot more popularly known as Jeotgal refers tp salted fermented food in Korean cuisine. It is made with various seafood, such as shrimp, oysters, shellfish, fish, fish eggs, and fish intestines. Jeotgal (salted seafood) is made by salting and preserving seafood. The Korean Jeotgal has a distinctive taste which is developed in the process of salt-fermentation. Along with soybean paste, soy sauce, Gochujang, and kimchi, Jeotgal is one of the five (5) basic fermented pickles in Korean cuisine. While it is sometimes served as a separate side dish to rice, Jeotgal is also widely used to add flavor to various dishes including kimchi. Jeotgal comes in many types according to the main ingredient: saewoo-jeot (with shrimp), ojingeo-jeot (with squid), myeongnan-jeot (with pollack egg), and so on.

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