Kozhukutta Unda or Kozhukatta Unda also spelled Kozhakkatta, Kozhukkatta, Kozhukkottaai refers to rice dough filled or stuffed with fresh grated coconut and jaggery. It is one of the favorite Kerala's afternoon or teatime snacks called "Naalu Mani Palaharam".

Likewise, is also refers to rice flour dumplings filled with a mixture of jaggery and grated coconut. Once formed and filled with the stuffing, the balls or Kozhukatta Unda are steamed in Appachembu (steamer)

Kozhukatta Unda are rice flour (Ari Podi) balls made from jaggery, grated fresh coconut, ghee, Cardamom powder and a bit of salt.

Unda means ball in Malayalam and Rice flour is Ari Podi.

Below are pictures of Kozhukutta / Kozhukatta Unda made by a family friend from Allepey, Kerala, India.

Below is a picture of the filling/stuffing of Kozhukutta Unda

The stuffing/filling - mixture of grated fresh coconut and jaggery
The stuffing/filling - mixture of grated fresh coconut and jaggery

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