List of Russian Appetizers Appetizers are normally eaten before the main course and at times are accompanied with an alcoholic drink. Seledka pod shuboy (Herring in sheepskin coat) - are small pieces of the herring mixed with the boiled potato, beet, carrot and mayonnaise. Ykra (Salmon caviar) - the red or black caviar is the traditional Russian appetizer. The Black caviar is far more expensive. Normally served on ice. Russians prefer to consume caviar with toasts with butter. Soleniye Ogurscy (Salted cucumbers) - small or medium size cucumbers that were kept in the salted water with spices for several weeks. It is a traditional vodka snack. Svejie Ovoshy (Fresh vegetables) - the vegetable salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. Generally prepared with vinegar or oil. Kvashennaya Kapusta (Salted cabbage) - another vodka snack. The pickled/salted cabbage is being kept in the jar for the several days with berries, salt and spices.

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