Meongge refers to Korean "sea squirt". It has been a favored tasty sea food in abundance along the east and south coast of Korea. Most of the cultured sea squirts come from Korea and Japan. In Korea, Tongyeong is the main producer of sea squirts, farming an estimated 25,000 tons of sea squirts annually, aside from being the country' center for oyster culture. Tongyeong is one of the cities in Gyeongsangnam -do Province and is situated in the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula. Likewise, Meongge is the specialty of Geojedo or Geoje/Koje Island - the principal island of Geoje City, on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea. The island speciality is Meongge Bibimbap which is a dish of rice mixed with sea squirt and assorted vegetables . A restaurant named Baekmanseok, is one homely restaurant in Geoje Island that offers slices of frozen sea squirt on hot rice, which is best eaten with sesame oil and gim (seaweed).
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