Mohinga refers to one of a popular dishes in Myanmar (Burma) which is a combination of rice noodles and a yellow fish soup.

Likewise, Mohinga is the national dish of Myanmar. It is actually a fish soup made from rice vermicelli cooked in a fish broth with other ingredients like onions and garlic and garnishings of boiled eggs, or gourd or chickpea fritters, beans and other leafy vegetables, like Coriander leaves.

Mohinga is a traditionally eaten as breakfast food, but due to its popuilarity, it is eaten anytime of the day. It is not only cooked at home, but also sold on the streets , in food stalls or mobile food stalls from early morning until night.

Although it is a favorite street food in Burma, it is served also during special and important celebrations in the country.

Mohinga is available in different regional variations, although the basic ingredients: the rice and fish broth remain the same with variations only on the other ingredients that goes with it.

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