Mamey (Mammea Americana) refers to a fruit with orange pulp, thorny seeds, and a flavor or taste reminiscent of peaches, peach-apricot and oranges, although much more consistent. It is afruit with brown, leathery, grainy skin and a large pit and its pulp is orange, fibrous and sweet. The fruit is large and oval to egg shape and can spend up to a year on the tree before it ripens ad its pulp may be frozen. Mamey fresh or frozen pulp is usually combined with other ingredients to make milkshakes or ice-cream. To eat fresh, cut lengthwise and remove the seed. Small pieces can be mixed in a green salad or fruit salad. It makes excellent jellies, pastes, and conserves. Mamey originates from Central America and has several varieties, like Pontin, Magana and others.

The raw fruit is often served in fruit salads or with wine, sugar or cream, especially in Jamaica. In the Bahamas, the flesh of the Mamey Apple is first soaked in salted water in order to remove its bitterness.

Mamey is also known as Mamey Sapote, Sapote Grande, Zapote, Mammee Apple, Mamey Apple.

Mamey is pronounced "mah-may".

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