Omija Hwachae is Omija fruit punch. Omija Hwachae is one of the popular traditional Korean drinks for summer. It is made of the fruit herb Omija, which literally means "five-flavor fruit” as the herb has five (5) tastes - it is sweet, bitter, sour, hot, and spicy. When dried and soaked, the herb generates a pink juice. Omija is widely used in Korean foods ranging from traditional drinks to sweets. It quenches thirst, increases energy, loosens phlegm, and stops diarrhea and perspiration. Omija Hwachae is one of the cold foods that offer coolness and nutrition during summer To make Omija Hwachae, the sieved water of dried and soaked Omija fruit is used. Sugar and honey are added to the sieved water . Slices of pear or other fruits and pieces of pine nuts are also added to the water to complete the punch.
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