Pulque refers to the fermented sap (aguamiel ) of the agave. It has been a traditional drink since Mayan times. The Spanish Conquistadors distilled pulque into mezcal wine, which later became today's tequilas and mezcals. When fresh, pulque is white, thick and quite sweet, usually called pulque dulce. Older, sour pulque is called pulque fuerte. Pulque is not distilled. It has been consumed since the era of the Mexicas. In Santa Maria Tejacate, pulque has been industrialized and canned. Pulque curd is the mixture of pulque with various fruits to sweeten the taste, sometimes prepared with walnut, pine nut, guava, celery, orange, cantaloupe, lemon, wild plum, and other ingredients.

Pulque is pronounced "pool-kay"
Andere /Weitere Definition:

Pulque refers to thousand-year-old native Mexican milk-colored alcoholic beverage that is made from the fermented sap of the Maguey plant. Pulque which is relatively unknown to many people is a drink which is a bit more frothy and less alcoholic than its modern beer counterpart. While it is an age-old drink, it is becoming quite trendy these days.

It is high in melatonin and alcohol content, hence it functions as a relaxant that can help someone unwind in the evening and prepare for sleep so it is best to drink it after dinner, but only occassionally. It is a drink which is not recommended for minors and pregnant women and those with a tendency to be alcoholic.

Maguey plant is a type of Agave, used in Mexico as food source.

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