Rascasse refers to a type of scorpion fish which achieved glory in Provence for its starring role in the region's famed saffron-scented bouillabaisse.

It is a hog-fish which is used in bouillabaisse. There are various rascasses, varying from red to a mixture of greens and browns and in size from 25 to 50 cm. They can be recognised by their large heads and fan-shaped fins. The fins and the operculum are spiny. It can be eaten fried or in soup. They are all used in bouillabaisse, but the red rascasse may also be baked, providing firm, white flesh.

Rascasse is also known as capone, capoum, chabot, chapon (de mer), chèvre, diable de mer, garde-écueil, truite de mer
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