Spaans Spek is the Dutch term which literally means "Spanish Bacon", but actually refers to a dish made of apples, sausages, eggs, flour , yeast, milk and butter. It is actually a boiled dough with apples and sausages, but no bacon or Spek. Spaans Spek is a centuries-old dish from Brabant province, however, the name is misleading as bacon (Spek) is not used to cook the dish and the "Spanish" connection is maybe indicated since the recipe dates from the 16th century when the Spaniards still dominated the Low Lands of the country. It is presumed that the connection with "bacon" refers to the fact that the dish seems somewhat "slick and slippery". just like boiled bacon. I also presume that perhaps bacon (Spek) was used during the earlier times instead the sausages of today. To prepare the dish, the apple is peeled and quartered and boil with sausages on top. Batter is prepared from the mixture of yeast, flour, eggs, milk and butter and let it rise. In a tall pot, put the apples, sausages and the juice and pour in the risen batter. Bring to a boil, put the lid on the pot and let it simmer slowly for two hours. Do not lift the lid to check on the process during that time, after 2 hours check if the bread is done. When ready, cut it into slices and serve with syrup, a fruit sauce or butter and sugar.
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