Saltibarsciai refers to a popular Lithuanian bright pink cold borscht soup which is made using cooked or pickled beets and chopped vegetables. It is often served with chopped hard-boiled eggs, sour cream and hot boiled potato.
Andere /Weitere Definition:

Saltibarsciai refers to an East European countries traditional "cold beet soup". In Luthiania, it is called Saltibarsciai and is served very cold separately with a plate of hot cooked potatoes. It is made from cooked and sliced beet root cut into strips, milk, Kefir, herbs and spices and salt to taste. Sliced cucumber and hard boiled eggs can also be added to the mixture. Beet root soup is also prepared in Poland, Russia and Belarus and is also now introduced to other Europeann countries like Germany. It is called Borsch is other European countries.

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