Here is the Top 10 Popular Thai Dishes based on 500 Restaurants in Thailand.

1. Dtom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup) .

2. Gaeng Keow Waan Gai (green chicken curry)

3. Pad Thai (fried noodles of Thai style)

4. Pad Gaphrao (meat fried with sweet basils)

5. Gaeng Phet Pet Yang (roast duck curry)

6. Tum Kaa Gai (chicken in coconut soup)

7. Yum Neua (spicy beef salad)

8. Mu or Gai sa-te (roast pork or chicken coated with turmeric)

9. Kai Pad Met Mamuang Himmaphan (chicken fried with cashew nuts)

10. Phanaeng (meat in coconut cream)

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