Agretto refers to a grassy spring vegetable from Northern Italy. Agretto is used to identify two different types of herbaceous plant: in the North it is used for "Lepidium sativa" (cress), whereas in central Italy it identifies "Salsola soda" (glasswort). The first has a long, delicate, white stem that end in two to four leaves that is similar to mustard seed sprouts. It is perfect in delicate egg sandwiches as its sharp flavor creates a very savory contrast. It is also sprinkled over salads as a garnish. On the other hand, glasswort resembles very much like dill, but with a flat section. It is very easy to grow and is usually cut and used fresh in Spring, when the leaves are still tender. It has a bitter taste and is best served boiled, dressed with a little extra-virgin olive oil, lemon sauce, salt and pepper, although it can be used fresh combined to salads.

Agretto is pronounced "ah-greht-toh"
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