English: In the Greek style / Deutsch: Auf griechische Art / Español: A la griega / Português: À grega / Français: À la grecque / Italiano: Alla greca /

A la grecque is a French term literally means ""in the Greek style" . It refers to vegetables stewed with oil and herbs and usually including coriander and lemon, served as a first course either hot or cold.

A la grecque means with the addition of a tomato dressing of tomatoes, fresh herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. It usually refers to a dish of cooked vegetables, served cold as a salad, as in mushrooms à la grecque.

a la Grecque is pronounced as "ah lah grehk"

Other definition:
A la Grecque is a French term that refers to dishes of Greek origin in the method of preparation, that is, with tomatoes, garlic, black olives and parsley.

A la Grecque is pronounced as "al la grek"

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