Botifarra refers to the king of the Catalan "fresh" Embotits. Botifarra is a sausage made from minced pork and seasoned with black pepper and other spices. The two classic forms of Botifarra are the black (Botifarra Negre) and the white varieties (Botifarra blanca). They are both made from minced pork, but the difference between the two (2) is that black botifarra (Botifarra negre) has pork blood added to the filling. Botifarra blanca has an added ingredient of gelatinous fat, while botifarra negre contains cloves and allspice. Botifarra negre is the variety that is most often served with Habas a la catalana and Escudella. A third, less common variety of butifarra is the Botifarra D.O. (Egg sausage) in which egg adds a singular flavor. Many of the most traditional dishes in Catalan cuisine are made with Botifarra, like Escudella, Arroz a la ampurdanesa and Habas a la catalana, just to name a few. Botifarra negra refers to a sausage from Catalan which is similar to but not quite a black pudding or Baldana. Botifarra negra is not only made of blood, but lights and other bits too, a favourite is with onions called "Botifarra negra amb ceba".

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