Brennesselszopp is Luxembourg's nettle soup which is made from the top fresh shoots of Brennesel (Nettle) picked in early springtime, potatoes and onions. The Brennessel is cooked with onions and potatoes then mixed with a blender. It is served as an appetizer with croutons on top and cream. Nettle which is also called stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) refers to a wild plant which grows in clusters on well-manured ground with leaves that sting the exposed skin. The young leaves may be used as spinach or to make soup and lose their stinging capacity on boiling. I have seen Brennessel on the weekend market where I usually go to to buy fresh farmers' products, but I have never tried cooking them as my husband is not fond of cream soups made from leafy vegetables. Use only the very top fresh shoots, picked in early springtime. Fry a finely chopped onion in a little butter, then add the nettle shoots and continue on a medium heat. After a couple of minutes add three quartered potatoes and a litre of meat stock. Cook for half an hour, and then mix well in a blender. Add seasoning to taste, and some cream Serve with croutons.

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