Buchtel refers to German yeast pastry/dumpling filled with jam. Buchteln also known as Ofennudeln or Rohrnudel are sweet rolls made of yeast dough, filled with jam, ground poppy seeds or curd and baked in a large pan to avoid sticking together. The traditional Buchtel is filled with plum Powidl jam. Buchteln are topped with vanilla sauce , powdered sugar or eaten plain and warm. Buchteln (the plural form of Buchtel) are served mostly as a dessert but can also be used as a main dish. Buchteln has originated in the region of Bohemia but they play a major part in the Austrian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Hungarian cuisine too. In Bavaria the Buchteln are called Rohrnudeln, in Slovenian Buhteljni, in Serbian Buhtle or Buhtla, in Hungarian Bukta, in Croatian Buhtle, in Polish Buchta , and in Czech Buchty or Buchta or Buchticky or Buchticka. Buchteln desserts are the specialty of the Café Hawelka in Vienna,Austria and are made according to a very old and secret family recipe. Buchteln is the plural form. It is also known as Dampfnudeln in Germany
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