Fondant refers to an icing made by boiling sugar solution and glucose, which is cooked to a specific temperature or to the point of and then crystallization then whipping it into a creamy mass or kneaded to a smooth, soft paste. This paste can then be colored or flavored and used as an icing for cakes and petit fours. It is used often as a filling for chocolates, frosting for cakes, petit fours or pastries. It can also be flavored and made into individual sweets. This is a mixture of sugar, water, and cream of tartar cooked to the "soft-ball" stage. This mixture is cooled, then beaten and kneaded until pliable. Used both as a candy and as an icing.
The smooth, almost flawless icing seen on many traditional wedding cakes is fondant. Depending on the type of fondant, it can be rolled and draped over a cake or poured over a cake as a liquid. Fondant gives a cake a smooth, professional appearance, keeps the cake moist longer, and provides a distinctive flavor and texture.

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