Gurullos are fried flour balls, served with bits of things, garlic, pork belly, chorizo from Almeria, in the Region of Andalucia in Spain. Gurullos refer to a dough made from flour, salt and water that is used in many recipes and basis for other traditional dishes in many parts of Spain, like Almeria, Murcia, Andalucia, etc. To make the Gurullos, prepare a dough from a mixture of flour, salt and water and a bit of saffron (optional), after the right consistency is reached, take some dough and form it with your fingers similar but bigger than the size of a grain of rice. Gurullos are in fact already used as a substitute for rice in some dishes, like in Gurullo con Cunejo. Liebre con Gurullos and Habichuelas con Arroz. Almeria is famous for fish dishes. Fish is the basis of its gastronomy, generally fried or grilled, but also as the basis for soups or chowders : Sopa de Almería, Sopa Colorao, or Sopa de pescado. Other kinds of soup like Sopa de Ajo, garlic soup, are also found.

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