What is the best way to put out that fire after eating a spicy or hot pepper which is a bit too hot for you? Scientists report that Capsaicin breaks down in fats, hence, drinking milk, sour cream or eating a little ice cream might help. It is also said that foods with more fat have more capability of squelching the fire. Some believe that starch helps put out the flame. The popular cure in Mexico is to consume beer. In the Philippines we are told to eat sugar, but never to drink water. Some organizers of pepper-eating contest in Germany provides milk and white bread to contestants before they begin the contest and I see that at some point drinking milk and eating bread is effective. However, there is a limit for every person, so Emergency public health officials are also around to check the pulses of the contestants from time to time. They are the ones who determine when to put out the fire. For me personally, the limit is person to person (based on acquired taste) basis or depending on the variety of spicy pepper consumed the people. In the Bicol Region of the Philippines, the locals are fond of eating spicy food, their best dishes are all spicy. It seems to me that they can eat as much as they like of our Siling Labuyo, I have experienced personally that they even have a bowl of Siling Labuyo right on their dining tables which they can eat anytime they prefer. I remembered in one of my vacations in Bicol that some of the locals eat them with boiled sweet potato for breakfast, particularly the men. It was so amazing for me as I can only eat Siling Labuyo when used to spiced the food, but never fresh. But I also experienced one incident when I was a child when my sister and my cousin pick up and played with Siling Labuyo, when they returned home, their lips were thick, their whole face were red and think and they were both crying. I can not remember what happened next. But we still remember until now that "funny" incident. The only spicy pepper I know of from the Philippines is Siling Labuyo, maybe it is not spicy or hot enough like Fatali, Jalapeno, Datil or Habanero.

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