Ayam Taliwang also known as roasted chicken refers to a a classic Lombok specialy food. It is served with a dip made from peanut, lime, tomato and chili peppers. It is made from young chicken marinated in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce (Sambal) and one of the key ingredients is Kencur, an aromatic ginger.

The traditional way to prepare Ayam Taliwang is to Barbecue (roast/grill) the whole chicken over coconut shell charcoal, but roasting it in an oven works just as well.

It is repprted thattThe name of the dish is derived from Karang Taliwang, a subdistrict in Mataram where the recipe for this regional specialty has its roots. The late H. Abdul Hamid is recognized for creating the Ayam Taliwang recipe in 1970. Ayam Taliwang has been adopted as Lombok's national dish along with Pelecing Kangkung.

Lombok, an island neighboring Bali in West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. Lombok cooking is characterized by its extensive use of fresh root spices, such as aromatic ginger, tumeric and galangal, along with a tangy mix of chilies, tamarind, lime juice and shrimp paste. Lombok is famous for its beef and jackfruit soup, beef and goat curry, and minced beef Sate.

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