Tokfozelek/Tökfozelék refers to a Bulgarian and Hungarian dish made from strips of summer squash or zucchinis lightly cooked with butter, a little water, vinegar, sugar, and dill ; a dish made of shredded zucchinis in light creamy sauce with dill Tokfozelek is blended with sour cream just before serving. Other vegetables aside from squash and yogurt may be prepared in the same way as Tokfozelek. Tokfozelek is one of the tastiest and most popular forms of Fozelék,which is quick and easy to make - provided the Tök is sourced ready-grated from the local market, usually at one of the stands selling kovászos uborka. Tökfozelék is worth making in large batches as it keeps well and makes a satisfying side for any leftover cooked meats. Ingredients: 75 grams butter or fat 2 tablespoons flour 1 onion 2 kg grated squash 1 tablespoon sweet paprika Fresh dill Sour cream (optional) Salt to taste Method: Soak the grated tök in lightly salted water for an hour, drain it and squeeze out the excess water. In a large pot, make the rántás (roux ) by gently frying the butter and adding the flour. Add the onion and mix vigorously to prevent burning, before adding the entire tök, sweet paprika (this gives the stew a nice orange color) and, a little later, the chopped dill. Leave on low heat to simmer and reduce, the squash will release a lot of juice. Just before serving, sour cream can be added for extra consistency and flavor.

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