Hiwas is one of the kinds/varieties of fishes found in the Philippines. Hiwas is also called Bilong-Bilong in some provinces in the southern Island of the Country, like in the Province of Iloilo. This popular fish is also called Chabita and Tahas in the country

Hiwas is called Moonfish and Big flat Fish/Sole.


Hiwas is a silver,  flat and delicious fish and although it is flat, it is quite meaty and easily eaten because it has no bones (Tinik in Filipino), except on the head area.

Hiwas can be fried, made into Paksiw (Hiwas cooked in Vinegar/Suka and slices of Ginger/Luya) or Sinaing, cooked with just a Little amount of water and souring agent like Tomatoes/Kamatis or Kamias

My favorite dish made out of Hiwas is the Paksiw. It is a very, very tasty dish which is eaten with newly-cooked rice.

Hiwas - Kind of Fish in the Philippines
Hiwas - Kind of Fish in the Philippines.


This my mom used to cook this when i was small. I remembered my mommy, making this as Sinaing , means just putting a small amount of water, salt and souring agent, can be tomatoes, kamias or vinegar and cook them until dry  or Paksiw.  They are also good for frying

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