- Kichererbsen (Kichererbse) :

Kichererbsen is the German word for chickepeas/ chick peas. Garbanzos in Filipino and Channa Dhal in Indian. Kichererbsensuppe is a German soup made of chick peas. Kichererbsen go well with many other food like tomatoes, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, chorizo, among others. They can also be a tasty ingredient for stews and soups. Hummus is one of the delicious foods that is made of chickpeas.

Personal Note: In Germany, I am told that I am a Kickernd, and my haircutter was not able to spell it to me, so she said that the word is spelled like Kichererbsen, thru the word Kichererbsen I learned a new German word to best describe myself. So when I was in Austria, my friend, Thomas said I am a "kichernd", he said I am always giggling "Du bist immer am Kichernd" .

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