Mang cut is a Vietnamese term which means "mangosteen"
Mangosteens are hidden among dense foliage. 

It is as big as a fist and brownish-violet in colour.

The inside of the mangosteen is arranged in white, soft sections, and is freshly scented. There are three varieties of mangosteens: the first variety is a little acidic, the second is as sweet as candy, with big segments and a thin shell, and the last variety, called doi mangosteen, has crisp segments. The mangosteen season in Vietname, ordinarily lasts from May to August.
When eating a mangosteen, use a knife to cut around the fruit and to remove half of the shell.

Jackfruit (Mit)
Jackfruits contain a lot of sugar and calories. They grow on every part of the tree: the trunk, branches, and even on the roots.
Jackfruit trees bear approximately 150 to 200 fruits per year. When the fruit are ripe, their pulp is yellow and sweet, containing a lot or little juice depending on the species. Jackfruits without seeds are planted densely in the Mekong Delta Region.

To nu jackfruits are small and come from a short tree. The flesh of ripe fruit is firmly stuck to the core; when eating a jackfruit, simply hold the core and pull it out. In the south, the to nu jackfruit harvest season starts from March to June. There are several other species of jackfruits divided into two main groups: hard jackfruits with hard and crunchy flesh, and soft jackfruits with soft flesh and a lot of juice.

Durian (Sau Rieng)
You may wonder why this fruit has to bear such an austere name as "sau rieng" (one's own sorrows). If you are curious enough, travel to the orchard province in southern Vietnam where the locals are likely to recite the immortal love story.

Thieu Litchi (Vai Thieu)
Thieu is the name dedicated to a special kind of litchi grown in Hai Duong Province. The Thieu Litchi is a bit bigger than the longan. (Detail)

Star Apple (vu sua)
Star apple is a fruit commonly grown in Southern orchards. Entering a star apple orchard, you will see thousands of these fruit hanging loosely on branches. They have smooth peel that is either green or violet. (Detail)

Green dragon (Thanh long)
Green dragon is the name of a newly cultivated fruit. It is rather big, weighs from 200 to 500 grams, and has pink or dark-red colour. The ripe fruit looks like the kohlrabi cabbage and has an oval shape. (Detail)

Mango (Xoai)
Mango plants are widely grown in the Southern provinces. There are many varieties of mangoes, including the Cat mango (Ben Cat mango), Hon mango, Thanh Ca mango, Tuong mango (elephant mango), Xiem mango (Siamese mango), Coc mango (toad mango)... (Detail)

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