Patatas Alioli refers to Spanish boiled potatoes, in a creamy Alioli sauce or raw garlic mayonnaise sprinkled on top with chopped parsley. Patatas Alioli is one of the many Tapas serve in Spain. In Spain each region has its own Tapa specialities, each Tapas bar also has its own favorites. Patatas Alioli is just one of the Tapas which might be offered in the wide varieties of Tapas in many Tapas bars in the country. I was lucky enough to visit a Tapas Bar in Mallorca after attending the wedding of my step-son. It was filled with tourists, like me enjoying this wonderful culture of Spain and it was so hard to get seated, but It was all worth the wait, I got a plateful of Tapas after a long wait. There was really a lot of tapas to select, I did not know what to pick because all seems to be delicious. But the line was getting longer, so I just chose the best looking ones. My second encounter with Tapas was during our mini cruise going to Norway, just imagine, there was a Tapas Bar in the boat, but just like the Tapas bar in Mallorca, it is also filled with peopple, so we were not able to get a seat and my husband would not wait. In the Philippines, I grew up with just one Tapa, one of my mom's delicious dishes, made of thinly sliced beef, marinaded in a mixture of vinegar and crushed garlic, dried and fried and served for breakfast with wonderful fried sice (Sinangag).
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