Sosaties refers to South African's meat kebabs marinated in curry sauce, usually served with crisp biscuits. Lamb, apricots and bell peppers are a popular combination
Andere /Weitere Definition:

Sosaties refer to skewered meat with a spicy sauce. It is South African version of Barbecue, It is one of South African's dishes influenced by the cooking of the Cape Malay Muslim. The word Sosatie comes from the Indonesian words "Sesate which means "skewered meat" and Sate which means "Spicy Sauce".

Sosaties is made of sheep-tail fat and small pieces of lamb skewered on thin wooden skewers with onion and apricot in between. The meat pieces and the fat is marinated for up to 24 hours in a mixture of onions, apricot jam, garlic, pepper and salt, curry powder, turmeric, bay leaves, sugar and vinegar (sweet, salty, spicy and a bit sour). This mixture gives the South African Sosatie the "true" Sosatie" flavor. By using other meat and fruits it is said to be "not a true" Sosatie, but a Kebab

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