This Filipino (Tagalog) song talks about a native Filipino house/hut (Bahay Kubo) and the vegetables planted around it. I posted it, as it is a beautiful song about the lifestyle of some Filipinos in the rural areas still living in native houses and still planting vegetables around.I always remember my childhood and my grandfather when I sing this song.

Bahay Kubo

Bahay kubo,
kahit munti
Ang halaman doon
ay sari-sari

Singkamas at talong
Sigarilyas at mani
Sitaw, bataw, patani

Kundol, patola,
upo't kalabasa
at saka meron pang
Labanos, mustasa

Sibuyas, kamatis
Bawang at luya
Sa paligid ligid
ay puno ng linga.

It is all about a native hut surrounded by vegetable plants like turnip, eggplant, winged beans, peanuts, different kind of beans, luffa, gourd, onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and many other vegetable plants, including sesame seeds

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