Tri-Tri Cakes refer to one of St. Vincent and the Grenadines dishes which is made with Tri-Tri as the basic ingredient. Tri-Tri are very, very tiny fish which are caught at the river's mouth and is cleaned by adding water to remove all the impurities like bush, small stones, sand which may be included when catching them. To make Tri-Tri Cakes, season the Tri-Tri with whatever seasoning at hand, salt and pepper, soy sauce , chilis, ground clove, curry powder, etc. chopped onions and garlic , then add flour and egg to make a batter and lasty, fry by dropping spoonfuls in hot shallow fat till brown on both sides. Tri-Tri Cakes are served hot or warm with starchy dishes like raosted breadfruit or farine (Coo-Coo) as an appetizer or for breakfast
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