Bunshik also spelled as Bun Shik or Bunsik is a Korean word which literally tranlated to: "bun" which means "flour" and shik means "food" "flour food", that included Ddeok, Ddeok boggi, Ddeok guk, Ra-myeon, Guk-su, Twigim . It refers to cheap Korean snacks. Bunshik is now synonymous with to Korean Fast Food vendor selling varieties of snacks, such as battered meat and vegetables (Twigim) and others which are great for evening or midnight snacks. The fried foods snacks include: ??? (Goguma) – sweet potato; ?? (Gyeran) – hardboiled egg; ?? (Gochu ) – pepper; ?? (Yachae) – vegetables; ??? (Ojingeo) – squid; ?? (Mandu ) – dumplings; ??? (Gimmari) – gimbap rolls; ?? (Saeu) – shrimp

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