Gochu is the Korean word for "Chili Pepper(s)". The Korean red pepper or chili is usually less spicy than its Latin American cousin. Korean food uses both young green peppers as well as the ripe red ones. The red peppers are dried and ground into chili powder which can be stored for long periods. The Korean products made from Chili peppers which are used in Korean cuisine are: 1. Gochutgaru, gochu-garu (Red Chili Pepper Powder) - A powder made of ground Korean red chili pepper. This is a major ingredient used to spice many dishes in Korean cuisine 2. Gochu-jangajji (Pickled Green Chili Peppers) - Young green chili peppers are pickled in salt and water for a week, then mixed with a salty, spicy sauce 3. Gochujeon (Pan-fried Stuffed Green Chili Peppers) - Green chili peppers cut lengthwise and stuffed with ground beef. The stuffed peppers are then coated in flour, dipped in egg, and pan-fried 4. Gochujjim (Steamed Green Chili Peppers) - Green chili peppers coated in flour, steamed, and seasoned with soy sauce and spices 5. Gochunnip-namu (Chili Pepper Leaf Namul ) - Side dish made of chili pepper leaves that are blanched and seasoned 6. Putgochu (Young Green Chili Peppers) - Young green chili peppers that are picked before they turn red. Eaten fresh, or chopped and added to stews or stir-fries

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