Food and Drink/Cuisine of Chad, Africa

The cuisine of Chad varies according to region and ethnic group.

Millett and Sorghum are the staple foods. A common meal is porridge made from millet and sorghum flour and eaten with vegetable, meat, or fish sauce. Peanut sauce is also popular in some areas. Peanut sauce over rice is one of their specialties and is often eaten in Southern Chad.

Fish and meat dishes may be accompanied with rice. Fish is plentiful in the lakes and rivers and is preserved by drying, salting and smoking. Chickens, cattle and sheep are reared.

French baguettes are sold in urban areas.

Vegetables grown in Chad include carrots, cassava, green beans, okra, onions, potatoes and squash. Fruits available are bananas, citrus fruits, guavas, mangoes, melons, papayas and pineapples.

Green and red tea are popular drinks and Chad also locally produce soft drinks and drinks from Hisbiscus flowers. Millet is used to produce beer and spirits in the Southern part of Chad.

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