Gorgonzola refers to a Cheese that originated from Italy's Lombardy region. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk.
Gorgonzola is a traditional, creamery and co-operative, blue cheese. The

greenish-blue penicillin mould imparts a sharp, spicy flavor and provides an excellent contrast to the rich, creamy cheese. Gorgonzola is made in the northern Italian village, according to which the cheese has its name, either from unpasteurized or pasteurized milk to which the mould is added. At about four weeks the cheeses are pierced with thick needles to encourage the spread of the mould. Gorgonzola ripens in three to six months. The cheese is usually wrapped in foil to keep it moist. Its color ranges from white to straw-yellow with an unmistakable marbled green or bluish-green mould. The taste ranges from mild to sharp, depending on age. Gorgonzola is also excellent in salads and dips.

It is the most imitated blue cheese in the world. Many cheeses falsely claim to be gorgonzola, but they always leave you singing the blues. Authentic Italian Gorgonzola comes in two varieties; Dolce - meaning sweet; and Mountain - the sharper and firmer version. Dating back to ancient times, this member of the stracchino family is one of the world's classic cheeses.

Almost spreadable, Gorgonzola Dolce is supple and luxurious with an unmistakable tangy creaminess. Its pale white interior is laced with streaks of blue, giving Gorgonzola Dolce a striking appearance to match its piquant flavor. Enjoy Gorgonzola Dolce as a table cheese; spread thickly on a piece of crusty baguette; or as an ingredient in your favorite salad dressing.

General information:
Soft, made from cow's milk and has 48\% fat

Serving suggestion:
Excellent addition to the cheese tray.
Serve as an appetizer spread on crusty Italian bread or crackers.
Melt onto burgers, on top of rice or chicken breast, or in a hot Ham and Gorgonzola Sandwich.
Serve it as a dessert cheese with fruit such as pears, apples or grapes.
Mix with olive oil and vinegar to make a quick salad dressing.

Wine pairing:
Great with rich reds like Chianti Classico (Sangiovese) and whites like Pinot Grigio or Moscato. You can also serve with Orvieto, Frascati, Soave, Lugana, Albana di Romagna, Alcamo Bianco, Ischia Bianco, Sauvignon or Verdicchio.

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