Insarabasab refers to the Ilocano's, particularly Ilocos Norte's version of Sisig. insarabasab is made from grilled pork strips served with fresh tomatoes and onions

As regards to culinary travel, Ilocos Norte which is located at the tip of northwest Luzon is now fast becoming one of the destinations to enjoy. While in the province and roaming around each municipality look for Empanada and Miki, particularly in the Municipality of Batac. Miki is their version of Lomi, a thick noodle soup similar to Lomi cooked with chicken. The Municipality of San Nicolas, is the home of the orginal crispy Dinardaraan, a dry version of Dinuguan, the Inasarabasab, Papaitan which is made from the beef, carabao or goat's sweetmeats boiled in bile. Look also for Higado, a dish made from meat and liver of pork sauteed in onions, garlic and bell pepper.

Other Ilocos Norte delicacies found in the Provnice are Balot, Fried Squid, Fried quail eggs, and a lot more.


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